Keep your data and web applications secure

Web security is one of the most critical factors in any company. Van Stein & Groentjes B.V. provides advice, security scanner tools and complete assesments. We have a broad expertise in web security, applications, API's, server security and server configuration. Contact us to see what we can do for you.


Web Security Scanners

We offer several automated scanners for Web applications, such as broken-link scanners, blacklist scanners, file watchers and code analysis tools.


Custom Solutions

Advice and software implementations for your specific request or issue. We have a broad expertise in application and web development and we can help you with the realisation of a secure solution, developed using the OWASP standards.


Security Asssesments

We can assess the security situation of your codebase. With the help of our trusted partner, we can enrich the results of that assessment with data of penetration tests and exposure research.

Protect your data.

Data protection and server/application security are of high priority for any business. We can help you to keep or make your web applications completely secure.

Using the latest technologies, secure server infrastructure and expertise from our certified security experts, we can develop secure custom web applications and we can advice you on all kind of IT security related topics.

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Our services

Automatic Security Scans
A wide variety of tools to automatically check broken-links, malware, email blacklists and server file changes.

Security Asssesments
Custom penetration tests by our certified security partner.
Verify that your application is secure, or find and solve vulnerabilities and exploits.

Secure Software Design
Custom software design and development using the latest security standards. Two-way verification for administrators, secure servers and encrypted data storage.

We can asses and consult on your applications and infrastructure. Lets brainstorm together to see what we can offer to your business.

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